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Yes, Already–Our Favorite Time of the Year Is Approaching!

It’s February and who knows what the temperature is today, but we are thinking about the sunny, hot days of summer and our camp scholarship program.

Click here to make a tax-deductible contribution to summer camp 2023. And thanks for being a great neighbor and helping send kids to camp!

This will be our third summer bridging the scholarship gap for students attending camps in Newton. Thanks to you, we have sent more than 50 students to camp in the last two years. We hope to send as many children as we can again this year.

We know, and you know, that camp matters. Summer is a critical time for children to learn, grow, and play. We were thrilled to hear from Channon Ames, the Director of Newton’s Parks and Recreation, about the impact of our initiative on Newton students. She said, “…Your fundraising efforts help to ensure that more kids are able to participate in our summer programs and we are truly grateful for that."

Thank you for your continued support for this vital program. We hope to raise at least $7,500 and our (fingers-crossed) goal is $10,000! The more we raise, the more children we can send to camp. Every contribution counts.


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