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Eblast, July 15, 2020

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Dear Neighbors,

Hopeful signs of summer are all around us in Newton in the colorful flowers and trees in full leaf. Our feelings of hopefulness also come from the many ways so many of you continue to step up to support, serve and connect to others in our community, more than five months into this pandemic.

In these past few weeks, some of you have volunteered your expertise to help neighbors looking for jobs prepare their resumes and seek out job opportunities. Others of you helped us collect clothing, diapers and toys in a few short days for several families in Newton (see photos below). And many of you have offered words of support and encouragement to neighbors facing personal challenges in our Facebook group.

There are many ways to give and whether you have shared food, clothing or money or provided support, information, or a sense of connection to a neighbor we hope you know that no data point can capture the impact you have had on the lives of so many of your neighbors in Newton. Together you are helping us build community in Newton.

In the spirit of continuing to build community and support our neighbors we are reaching out with the “ask” for this week. We are launching a diaper drive to support 17 families in Newton, Waltham, and Watertown. The drive will start today, July 14th and end on July 28th.

  • Do you know that the average family needs up to 84 diapers a week for each child? That’s around 320 diapers a month and 3,840 diapers a year.

  • Do you know that diapers cost on average $40 every month? This means families are spending $480 a year on diapers.

  • That’s $480 a year that could be used to purchase other essentials like food and medicine.

For families with young children facing financial challenges, purchasing diapers can present a huge burden.

Working with our local social workers we have identified 17 families who need diapers. With your support we hope to provide these families with 3 months worth of diapers. Here are three ways to help this week:

  • PURCHASE DIAPERS: We have set up an Amazon gift registry where you can purchase a package of diapers, or donate any dollar amount you feel comfortable towards the purchase of diapers. All the items will be shipped to one of our moderator’s home and organized for distribution.

  • DONATE OPEN DIAPER PACKAGES OF ANY SIZE: Have open packages of diapers in any size to donate? Drop them off to 51 Hyde Street, Newton Highlands, MA 02461.

  • SHARE THIS REQUEST WITH OTHERS: Circulate this request to others in your network.

Please note: Extra diapers will be distributed to families in Brockton through our partnership with the Brockton Workers Alliance.

Thank you for your continued generosity and support of one another.

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