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Resources for Asian American and Pacific Island Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

We wanted to share these great events and resources that were compiled by FORJ Newton.


AAPI Healing Circle Parchute Media Friday March 19th at 8pm RSVP HERE Participants will be making origami cranes while bringing awareness and light to the recent atrocities in the community. Part of the healing process is talking about issues and at Parachute, the hope to alleviate some of the mental health stress as well as discuss actions for other non-AAPI folk to be an ally during these tough times. Listening Circle FORJ Pierce Sunday March 21st at 8pm RSVP HERE As members of Families Organizing for Racial Justice (“FORJ”) at Peirce, we are saddened by the recent shooting in Atlanta where several Asian Americans were killed. Although there isn’t clarity about the motive yet, we know that there has been a rise in attacks against people of Asian descent and are concerned that this is the latest in such attacks. Nearly 3,800 hate incidents targeting Asian-Americans have been reported in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., since last March. We wanted to reach out to our families and offer support in whatever way we can to come together and acknowledge that targeting any group is wrong and reprehensible and a hate crime against all. For those who want to process in community, we are also offering a listening circle. A listening circle is a means of creating and maintaining authentic connection through a safe space to share our truths, and to deeply listen to others. FORJ NSHS Asian American Pacific Islander Solidarity Night FORJ NSHS Wednesday April 14th at 7pm RSVP HERE Our upcoming FORJ NSHS Asian American Pacific Islander Solidarity Night on Wednesday, April 14th @ 7pm will be a night to learn specifically how to support our AAPI students as well as to offer affinity spaces for parents and guardians, students, faculty and community members. We realize this is one of the first nights of Ramadan, and hope that our Muslim friends can join us for at least part of the evening. Please register for the event HERE.

We plan to offer an opportunity to learn about:

the historical and systemic roots of violence and discrimination against AAPI communities

how AAPI communities are impacted in terms of mental health and how to help

how best to support our young people, family members and friends during this difficult time

Through breakout rooms, we will offer affinity spaces by age and racial identities in addition to random groups to allow people to learn from each other and offer each other support.

FORJ AAPI Affinity Space TIME TBD RSVP HERE FORJ is looking to start a FORJ AAPI Affinity Group for adults. If you are interested in finding out more about the group, please fill out this form. This will be a monthly or bi-monthly meeting for folks who identify as AAPI. Affinity group spaces are healing and affirming of individuals' identities by connecting people so they can witnesses each other's stories. Sharing experiences that resonate with others, releases fears fed by isolation while moving participants into a space of self-compassion and awareness that is grounding for all involved.

Tools and Resources:

Below are resources to support families and provide information about anti-Asian racism (provided by Pierce FORJ and Newton Public Schools.)

Safety Tips for Those Experiencing or Witnessing Hate:

5 Things to Consider When Experiencing Hate

1. Safety First: Trust your instincts and assess your surroundings. If you feel unsafe and you are able to, leave the area.

2. Stay Calm: Take a deep breath, limit eye-contact, and maintain neutral body language.

3. Speak Out (If you can do so safely): In a calm and firm voice establish physical boundaries, and denounce their behavior and comments.

4. Seek Immediate Support: Ask bystanders for support or intervention.

5. Seek Emotional Support: Once you feel safe, take time to recover and reach out to someone to talk about what happened. Remember this is not your fault, and you are not alone.

5 Ways to Help If You Witness Hate

1. Take Action: Approach the targeted person, introduce yourself, and offer support.

2. Actively Listen: Ask before taking any actions and respect the targeted person’s wishes. Monitor the situation if needed.

3. Ignore Attacker: Using your discretion, attempt to calm the situation by using your voice, body language, or distractions.

4. Accompany: If the situation escalates, invite the targeted person to join you in leaving.

5. Offer Emotional Support: Help the targeted person by asking how they’re feeling. Assist them in figuring out what they want to do next. or Witnessing Hate

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