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What to Donate Where

Many people are looking to find new homes for various items they no longer need. We wanted to compile a list of places to donate to in our area.

Please check with each organization to make sure they do in fact accept the item you are looking to give away and what their COVID protocols are.


Home Goods





  • Diaper Circle - contact them to deliver:

  • Newton Food Pantry - drop at 36 Metacomet Rd, Newton

  • Centre Street Food Pantry (unopened packages of diapers only please) - can drop them at the pantry anytime (the entrance is on Furber Lane. Often the outside door is open because there is a fencing school upstairs so they can put it by the pantry door which is just to the right when you go down the 3 steps (or they can just leave them at the top of the stairs to the right if the steps are a problem). If that outside door is locked, can leave them outside but send a quick email to alert the pantry that they are there.

Personal Hygiene Products

Giveaway and Swap Groups

Facebook groups:


General list of organizations in Greater Boston:

** This website is not up to date with COVID changes so please check in with organizations before donating **

Pinpoint Donation connects smaller Boston area charities that need specific goods with donors who may have those items. Looking to see who needs what you have to donate? Check out our new website that lists what over 100 charities in the Boston area need.

Why donate specific goods to smaller charities rather than big organizations that will pick up anything? Because you know that your goods will go to an actual family in need in your community. Only 15-25% of the goods that go to big donation sites go to a family in need or sold in thrift stores. The rest are sold for scrap or shipped overseas, and some even go in the landfill.

Please check the links above for specific information about what items are acceptable for donation. Each organization has specific donation requirements.

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