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Child Tax Credit info from CAN-DO

CAN-DO (Citizens for Affordable Housing in Newton Development Organization) is reaching out with information on federal resources available to families and individuals.

Child tax credit: It is not too late for families to claim their 2021 child tax credit payments! Prior to tax year 2021, if a family did not make enough money to file a federal income tax form, they did not benefit from the child tax credit. Under ARPA families with incomes below $150,000 received a tax credit for each of their children under 17 years of age. For each child under 6 years of age families received a credit of $3600, for each child over 6 up to 17 they received $3000. For example, a family with two children, one in each age group, was entitled to a credit in the amount of $7600 for the year. From July through December of 2021, that family received a monthly payment of ($3800 divided by 6) from the federal government. In order to obtain the remaining half of the child tax credit or $3800, the family had to file a 2021 federal tax return.

Many families that have not had to file income tax returns in the past because they did not make enough money must file a return for 2021 to claim the other half of their tax credit. The government has set up what is called a "nonfiler" portal specifically for those families within certain income limits, who do not usually file taxes, to claim the remaining half of the tax credit as well as any missing amount of the third stimulus payment.

Discounted internet service: A program now available to anyone with an income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level or anyone who receives certain governmental safety net programs such as WIC, SNAP or Medicaid is a discounted internet service which provides:

  • a $30 discount on internet service payment

  • in some instances, depending upon the carrier, a $100 discount on the purchase of an IPAD, Chromebook or a laptop.

CAN-DO has created the attached document which includes two QR codes: one for families to claim the child tax credit and the other to apply for discounted internet service. A family with children can benefit from both programs.

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