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In Support of Our Asian Neighbors

Dear Neighbors,

We are reaching out to express our sadness and anger at the escalating incidents of abhorrent racial injustice and violence in the U.S. Most recently these acts of violence are targeting many Asian individuals, families, and communities. We acknowledge that there are likely many other unjust incidents that take place that we have not even heard about. To many members of our community and surrounding communities this is a deeply personal matter. At NNHN, we are unified in our condemnation of racism and racially motivated violence, and are committed to working towards equity and justice.

We are compiling a list of resources and ways to support that we will share in the coming days. We hope you will join us in solidarity to support Asian members of our community. If you have resources to share, please comment in our Facebook group here or email us at

In solidarity,

Newton Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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