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October 2023 Helping Neighbors Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This has been a hard week for many members of our community and beyond with the senseless and tragic violence in Israel, Gaza, and surrounding communities. Our Newton Neighbors team unequivocally condemns the brutal, horrific, and intentional acts of terrorism inflicted on innocent civilians, including children. We are heartbroken for friends, family members, and members of our community affected by these atrocities in both Israel and Gaza. While words alone cannot heal broken hearts please know you have our love, support and solidarity during this difficult time.


The Newton Neighbors Team


Saturday, October 14, 10am - 5pm

Sunday, October 15, 11am - 4pm

Newton Centre Green

1221 Centre Street

The Newton Harvest Fair is a two-day event. Saturday, October 14, will feature kiddie rides, games, and carnival food trucks. Sunday, October 15, will include a full open air-market, musical performances – and Newton Neighbors’ Drive for Five to benefit the Newton Community Freedge.

On Sunday the 15th from 11am to 4pm, stop by to say hello to members of our team and drop off food items at the Newton Neighbors booth. We are especially looking for the following types of donations:

  1. Individually wrapped snacks (granola bars, cereal bars, protein bars, goldfish, pretzels, etc.)

  2. Dried beans or rice (chickpeas, black beans, wild rice, etc.)

  3. Soaps (hand soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc.)

  4. Pasta and pasta sauce

  5. Cooking oil

Volunteer at our Harvest Fair table

Come meet us and your neighbors. Sign up here – there's a few two-hour slots left!


Food Pantry Delivery

We are looking for volunteers who can help deliver groceries from our local food pantries to our neighbors who are unable to get to the pantries on their own.

Our schedule is:

  • Tuesdays from Centre Street Food Pantry. Pickup at 12 or 12:15 before they open to the public.

  • Wednesdays from Newton Food Pantry. Scheduled pickups between 12:15 - 2:45.

  • The third Friday of the month from Post 440 Mobile Food Bank. Pickup between 9 - 9:15 before they open to the public.

It usually takes about an hour of your time and makes a difference to so many in our community.

Bulk Food Delivery

NN’s bulk food delivery program is looking for short- and long-term volunteers to join us in delivering fresh produce from local food rescue organizations to MetroWest and South Area food pantries. Help bridge that last link in the distribution chain and provide good food to so many who need it. Commitments range from once in a while to once every 4-6 weeks, or even more. Please reach out to us at to volunteer or find out more.


Newton Neighbors continues to support the Newton Food Pantry’s community refrigerator initiative, known as “The Freedge.”   The Freedge is located in the parking lot of Central Cleaners at 420 W. Watertown Street in Nonantum.   We oversee volunteers on Thursdays – we have volunteer opportunities throughout the day, to pick up food from business partners and bring it to the Freedge, to shop for items for the Freedge, and to clean and maintain the Freedge.  

Our link for signups for September and October is here: 

Our link for signups for November and December is here:

Thanks to You We Raised $6,800!

Deep appreciation to all neighbors who contributed to our “NN Infrastructure” campaign.  As an all-volunteer board and team, we seek to offset our annual operational costs of about $7,500 so that every other dollar we raise for our many campaigns goes directly to program recipients. 

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